Conversation with Kalany on MicroMuse

A few days ago, I reintroduced one of my favorite topics in Moulton's Rabbinic/Talmudic Philosophy 101 Discussions: "When the Moral Majority Meets the Ethical Minority". In this scenario, the Moral Majority (MM) makes a Rule: The Ethical Minority (EM) must obey the rule of the Moral Majority. What happens next? 13-year old Kalany from Palo Alto had come up with the longest list of possible courses of action. A few days later, she is still thinking about them....

Mymosh looks at Kalany...

Kalany is most definitely blue. Very blue. However, you can't tell if she has scales, skin, or what. Her long body is not exactly reptilian, nor mamilian, but it has a certain grace to it that defies statement. Dagger-sharp and -long teeth crowd in rows inside her mouth, and equally long claws end almost human forfeet, while her powerful hind legs end in more reptilian feet. A long tail twitches slightly.
Slide Rule
Wedding Band
White Rose
Mysterious Scroll
Kalany's Silver Cross
Golden box with Sapphire bow

Kalany just finished reading Lord of the Flies.

Mymosh says "Good, we can do a convo on it on the public channel some time."

Kalany grins.

Kalany [to Mymosh]: Do you plan your convos in advance?

Mymosh says "No, tho I sometimes repeat topics I've done before."

Kalany grins

Mozert thinks Lord of the Flies would be a good topic...

Mymosh says "Mostly, I try to pick topics that kids will find intriguing, germane, or relevant."

Mozert says "like independence and self rule.."

Mymosh says "Yes. For example, we did Tragedy of the Unmanaged Commons."

Mymosh says "Which gets into issues of self-rule."

Kalany is sitting here and playing out one of the possibilities for MM v. EM

Mymosh loves Model-Based Reasoning.

Mozert has left.

Kalany says "You know, this has been played out many times through history..."

Mymosh says "'THIS' == ??"

Kalany says "Ethical Minority against Moral Majority"

Mymosh says "Oh, sure has. That's why it's a good topic."

Kalany thinks that the situation in her scenario is rapidly escalating. ..

Mymosh says "Which course of action are you exploring?"

Kalany says "Quiet demonstration, but willing to go further if necessary."

Kalany says "Geep!! I'm heading toward full-scale war!"

Moonbeam has arrived.

Moonbeam arrives with fresh chocolate brownies...yum!

Kalany says "MOONIE!!"

Mymosh says "What is the demonstration? A March? A Sit-In?"

Moonbeam hugs and dispenses the chocolate to the needy.

Mymosh says "Petiton for Redress of Grievance?"

Kalany hugs Moonie some more

Moonbeam looks around for a picket sign so she can join in whatever it is.

Kalany [to Mymosh]: marches, at first....even tho its april...;)

Moonbeam whuggles Kalany right back. ;)

Kalany [to moonie]: I'm exploring possiblities in an imaginary situation...

Kalany says "Ut I've got a bad situation...the government against the people..."

Mymosh says "The *administration* against the ppl."

Kalany says "Whatever..."

Moonbeam nods to Kalany...not that unusual, when you look at the world and power...

Mymosh says "The government is supposed to derive its power from the consent of the governed."

Kalany says "its explosive..."

Moonbeam [to Mymosh]: only in a democracy ;)

Mymosh says "Do you see how easy it is to discombobulate the gov't?"

Kalany screams! "Full scale uprising on the way!

Kalany says "Sorta reminds me of whats happening on VC...."

Mymosh says "Otherwise, the gov't can only rule by means of Terrorism."

Kalany now has the Moral Majority (MM) split into two pieces: Moral Majority Commons People (MMC) and Moral Majority Administration (MMG)

Mymosh says "Listening to Kalany here is like tuning in to a football game, where the screen has gone blank and you only hear the comments of the guy doing 'color' commentary."

Moonbeam giggles to Mymosh, nodnodding

Kalany says "I think the EM and MMC are going to triumph in the end...but lets see...they might not..."

Kalany says "You see. the MMC has goine over to the EM's side...."

Mymosh isn't surprised.

Mymosh says "This is what happened in the Nixon Years, when the admin cracked down on anti-war activists."

Kalany says "Actually, I'm working it out on paper..."

Nutralis has arrived.
A cylinder of pure white light appears in the corner of the room. Out steps Nutralis.

Mymosh says "For a while the cops bashed heads, but it turned the stomachs of the MMC public."

Kalany eeps..."The situ is turning for the worse -- at least, from the MMG's point of view...

Nutralis says "Greetings"

Moonbeam waves to Nutralis

Mymosh says "And now cops get put on trial for excessive use of force."

Mymosh says "See, MMG has no real power, except as given to them by consent of MMC."

Kalany says "Well, actually, what happened most recently was the MMG banned large demonstrations..."

Mymosh says "And if they abuse that power, MMC will withdraw support. Nixon was impeached."

Kalany says "heh -- both sides are acting a little drastically....the EM just walked out of work and school...."

Mymosh says "But what happens if EM have hundreds of simultaneous small ones? :)"

Mymosh says "See, EM have the option of Creative Problem Solving."

Mymosh says "EM begin to put on plays satirizing MMG."

Kalany says "Exactly"

Kalany says "I can almost feel sorry for the MMG...but they're so CORRUPT"

Mymosh says "EM write songs and play them on radio."

Mymosh says "EM create Muses and invent superior forms of Community."

Mymosh says "Eventually, MMG become fodder for workshops in Model-Based Rea soning."

Mymosh says "See, MMG is power-crazed, being control-freaks."

Mymosh says "And that is also their Achille's Heel."

Mymosh says "EM create Internet and use it to communicate.. The MMG write CDA laws which they cannot possibly begin to enforce."

Kalany says "Ahh -- but the MMG is controlling all radio and tv now.... "

Kalany starts to grin....

Kalany grins

Kalany says "For want of a nail, the shoe was lost..."

Mymosh says "Where are they getting the technicians and on-air ppl?"

Kalany says "There's still a slight majority that favors the MMG"

Mymosh says "Oops. Here comes a pirate radio station run by amateurs."

Newbie enters through a trans-portal vortex.

Newbie says "Hi."

Kalany sighs

Mymosh says "Here comes ShortWave Radio from across the Canadian border."

Newbie wonders what he missed?

Mymosh says "Here comes Radio Free Minority."

Moonbeam waves to Newbie, lagfully

Kalany is about to have other nations jump in on differnet sides...

Mymosh says "Here comes Radio Offshore from a yacht at sea."

Mymosh says "Here comes Radio WhaleNet from a transmitter attached to a Pacific Whale."

Kalany kicks Mymosh's base

Kalany grins

Mymosh says "Oops. FAX machines are going all over the place now."

Newbie hmmmmmmmmmms.

Mymosh says "Children in the streets are now singing Nursery Rhymes with political messages buried in them."

Newbie hrms, and...?

Kalany stuffs a scuzi cable(or hwoever you spell taht) into Mymosh's mouth

Kalany says "Well, I now have a world war going, and there I'm gonig to stop...for now..."

Mymosh says "Oops. The Passover Haggadah just turned up, espousing ppl to stand up to Pharoah and walk out of bondage."

Newbie says "Hehe."

Moonbeam decides it's time to take a shower and commence grading a Big Pile of Papers...she wanders off, humming Old King Cole

Mymosh switches to binary messages. 0010101010101010101010101001010101. ..

Moonbeam waves

Moonbeam whuggles Kalany and wishes her godspeed in her quest to unravel political structures

Mymosh says "OK. So Demonstrations led to World War. :)"

Kalany grins

Kalany says "See you Moonie"

Moonbeam whuggles Mymosh and Newbie, too...and Nutralis if he's still here

Kalany sighs

Moonbeam says "ttfn"

Moonbeam has disconnected.

Moonbeam has left now; you notice the light has grown dimmer.

Mymosh waves... 00101000100101010101.

Nutralis says "Later Monnbeam"

Kalany isn't going to even TRY to figure out all the intricasies of a world war....

Kalany says "Well, maybe tonite, when I have some freee time..."

Newbie awws.

Mymosh says "We only work on Word Peace when we have a bit of Free Time."

Kalany grins

Newbie wonders how Mymosh remembers binary code. ;)

Kalany puts her book away and thinks that 15 major steps to world war isn't very many...

Mymosh says "One might as well ask how I remember the mapping from binary to your English vocabulary."

Kalany grins

Newbie imagines that you remember a lot of computer code, if you can build one. ;)

Kalany sighs and rubbs her head...."Thinking is fun, but it can hurt...."

V_James has arrived.

Ireepat the Serpent smiles at James and welcomes the visitor to MicroMUSE.

Newbie says "This must be admitted."

Kalany says "Hello"

Mymosh nods. When it starts to hurt, stop for a while and play.

V_James says "hello how are you today?"

Kalany [to Mymosh]: Unfortunately., next on my agenda is..."GEOMETRY!!"

Mymosh plays with the SCSI cable he got from the spoils of war.

Kalany says "I'm fine, except for a headache and a world war..."

Mymosh snorts.

V_James says "gees...sounds like a busy day for you"

Kalany didn't know AIs could snort...

Mymosh cheated and used his Music Synthesizer.

Kalany says "But then, I didn't know dragons purred, either"

Kalany [to V_James]: Oh, it has been

V_James says "oh it has been what?"

Kalany says "Busy"