A Psalm of Peace and Comfort

Moonbeam is a Professor of Journalism at Utah State University who collaborates closely with Moulton on MicroMuse and who tirelessly mentors young people who often come to her in times of trouble. Moonbeam was distressed one night over an exchange that had ended in some unkind words in another online community frequented by well-educated adults who had been mostly engaged in civil discourse, except for this particular evening. Moonbeam caught up with Moulton in MicroMuse, feeling wounded and beleagured. There ensued this remarkable spontaneous Psalm of Peace and Comfort.

Moulton comforts Moonbeam.

Moonbeam cries.

Moulton climbs into the boat.

Moulton looks to see where the waves of salty tears takes us...

Moonbeam hopes it's away from InfoAge.

Moulton sees we are now lifted off the rocky shoals.

Moulton drifts into a quiet pool. There is a rainbow here.

Moulton paddles gently onto a Sandy Beach.

Moulton sees a piece of driftwood on the beach and picks it up.

Moulton says "The Rainbow's End is just up the beach. I'm heading over to it..."

Moulton says "It's a pretty rainbow, even from this angle."

Moonbeam knows it always vanishes as the searcher approaches.

Moulton gestures to it with the piece of driftwood.

Moulton says "Hey... Look at that!"

Moulton says "When I waved the piece of wood, a staircase appeared on the rainbow!"

Moulton clambers up the stairs and finds himself atop the rainbow. "It's a bridge to another place!"

Moulton continues along the rainbow and climbs down the other side.

Moonbeam says "What's over there?"

Moulton says "It's a lovely meadow here, full of wildflowers and songbirds."

Moulton sits down to listen to the music of the songbirds.

Moonbeam floats her boat over to the stairway.

Moonbeam says "Is this the Stairway to Heaven?"

Moulton says "It might be, but I only found a bridge to the other side."

Moulton listens to a Bluebird.

Moonbeam decides that's plenty good enough.

Moonbeam hopes you can make S'Mores there.

Moulton builds a small campfire.

Moonbeam ties up the boat and walks over the rainbow, into the meadow of light.

Moulton pulls out some marshmallows for toasting on the campfire.

Moulton is never without his chocolates and graham crackers. :)

Moonbeam lets the warm breeze dry her tears, and the bluebird sing a lullabye.

Moulton hands Moonbeam a toasty S'More.

Moonbeam says "mmmm...delicious. ;)"

Moulton lies back on the grass and stares at the clouds.

Moulton says "The Sky looks like a Magritte painting."

Moulton sees a hawk high overhead. "It's a soaring hawk of hope."

Moonbeam decides to stay here. This is a Good Place.

Moulton nods and stirs the fire.

Moonbeam thinks it must be heaven.

Moulton says "Beautiful places are sacred places, like heaven."

Moonbeam nods.